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One of the aims of ESCOP is to promote high quality research in the area of Phytomedicine and, more broadly, medicinal plant research.  Below are a series of extracts of research papers that are considered by ESCOP to be amongst the best in their field of study and of likely interest to the broader scientific community.  ESCOP started to post these extracts on its website in September 2015 – more will be added over the coming months.  ESCOP would like to thank the authors for making the extracts available for publication.

Young Researcher Submissions:

Oxytocic plant cyclotides as templates for peptide G protein-coupled receptor ligand design.

Johannes Koehbach, Margaret O’Brien, Markus Muttenthaler, Marion Miazzo, Muharrem Akcan, Alysha G. Elliott, Norelle L. Daly, Peta J. Harvey, Sarah Arrowsmith, Sunithi Gunasekera, Terry J. Smith, Susan Wray, Ulf Göransson, Philip E. Dawson, David J. Craik, Michael Freissmuth, and Christian W. Gruber

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2013, 110: 21183–21188.


Submissions Procedure

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